• Role - Product Designer
  • Project Type - Incorporating feature for new precision advocacy vertical
  • Status - Launched
  • Team - Full-stack Developers, Product Managers, External Stakeholders
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This was a designed along with a cross-functional team, including external stakeholders and working along with third-party consultants and developers. Sharecare+ is a comprehensive health advocacy digital health platform that aims to simplify individuals' and families' holistic health experiences and remove barriers to care while improving outcomes and lowering costs. The product delivers a highly personalized and simplified holistic health experience that empowers people to access all their well-being resources, health benefits, and comprehensive care navigation in one place, bolstered by additional support from dedicated clinical advocates and tech-enabled, in-home care services. It combines lifestyle and clinical coaching with a robust set of analytics-driven and AI-powered digital capabilities to identify opportunities for deeper engagement and risk reduction across the interconnected elements of health and well-being. This was a designed along with a cross-functional team, including external stakeholders and working along with third-party consultants and developers.


Sharecare+ is designed to achieve several objectives, including increased efficiency, productivity, quality, and reduced cost of care for individuals and their families by creating an infrastructure and design that allows for the simplified access to a health advocate on the Sharecare platform.

Though Sharecare+ is an agglomeration of several features, such as a revamped interface for visualizing claims, the innovation of the product was the addition of a floating action button (FAB) that was a one-stop shop for members to directly access their health advocate. Working with the product manager, we worked on a series of flow diagrams that formed the basis of the major features of the app. The one below is illustrates the flow for the Advocate FAB feature.


The following are a couple core designs for the mobile UI for the primary advocate FAB feature. The UI was defined by the existing Sharecare design system.
The general workflow for this project was the following:

  1. Aligning with the product manager on the design requirements and crafting a flow diagram to ensure understanding.
  2. Working on a few iterations and getting feedback from both product and design managers, then applying that feedback.
  3. Finalizing design and getting approval from the product manager.
  4. Presenting the designs to key stakeholders (e.g. lead developers and sales) and acquiring new feedback from the meeting.
  5. Keep applying the feedback until approved by all key stakeholders.

This is the primary advocate flow below, the ideal state in which a member has already been assigned a health advocate and later chooses to change theirs to better match their gender preference.

The following flow shows a scenario when the advocate is offline and wants to request a new one. Even when the advocate is offline, there will always be someone available for the member in a continuous chat that the advocate will see they're back online.

Project Takeaways

User research is important in aligning with the needs and vision of all stakeholders
Conducting extensive user research and testing to ensure the product meets the needs of all stakeholders, including end users, health plans, and employers is crucial and was largely missing from the overall strategy of the product due conflicting priorities, resulting in a product that largely was not validated with users until launch. It would have been preferable to prioritize a comprehensive testing plan and iterate based on user feedback to ensure that the product meets user needs, achieves business goals, and delivers value to members.